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Welcome to
Hellingly Preschool

Located in East Sussex, we take pride in fostering a nurturing and inclusive environment for our students. We're dedicated to providing exceptional early years education and care.



Elevating Children with Customised Learning for All Needs.



Igniting Minds with Tailored Learning for Child Success.

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Where Education Thrives, Tailored to Each Child’s Needs.



Dedicated to providing exceptional early years education and care, Hellingly Pre-School is located in Hellingly, East Sussex. We're here to ensure your children receive the highest quality pre-school education and childcare from the ages 2-5 with a breakfast, after-school and holiday clubs available from 2-11 years old.

Our Age Groups

2 - 4 Years Old

In our programme, our 2-4 year-olds are actively acquiring the essential abilities of communication, socialisation, and cooperative play. Mastering the art of interacting harmoniously with peers is a pivotal foundation for future school success. Our curriculum emphasises the significance of building relationships and understanding the art of sharing and taking turns.

In this nurturing environment, children have the opportunity to independently practise various life skills such as pouring their own drinks, progressing through toilet training, and honing their dressing abilities. With the guidance of our skilled practitioners, each child advances at their individual pace, fostering self-reliance and confidence.

We wholeheartedly embrace the characteristics of effective learning as a guiding principle across all areas of development and education.

Breakfast Club

Our breakfast club warmly welcomes children aged 2-11 years. Commencing at 8.00am, the morning kicks off with a delightful spread of cereals and toast for a nourishing breakfast. Following this, our young attendees are empowered to select their preferred activities, fostering independence and choice.


For those enrolled at Hellingly School, a cheerful 'walking crocodile' accompanies them to the school grounds, ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey. Meanwhile, our preschool children embark on their daily activities right here at our premises, beginning their day with engaging experiences.

After School Club

Our After School Club warmly accommodates children aged 2-11 years. Following the school day, we collect pupils from Hellingly School. Upon arrival at our facility, a wholesome snack awaits, replenishing their energy for the rest of the afternoon.


Subsequently, our young attendees engage in a variety of games, active play, and outdoor adventures guided by our skilled after-school practitioners. Our doors remain open until 4pm, ensuring a fulfilling and enriching after-school experience for all.

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Our dedicated team of practitioners brings a treasure trove of experience and expertise to our vibrant educational environment. 

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